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Baby Gift Registry

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Are you a mom-to-be who wants to make the gift giving

process easier for your friends and family? has something that every mommy

would love for herself or for her baby.  
Register for Malimoo Baby’s gift registry to let friends and family

know what's on your wish list.
Malimoo Baby gift registry makes it easy to give gifts

from the heart for a special mom and her precious child.

You are now on a new and exciting journey!

Choosing an online store as your registry provider can often be a daunting choice especially when considering family members who may not be accustomed to online shopping. can accommodate such guests by providing baby registrants with a gift list complete with the item name, description and price. 

Those wishing to buy from the registry by phone or fax may

inquire about items on the list and place their orders.

Private or Public. provides you with a choice between a private and public gift registry. 

A public gift registry allows your guests to search your name and purchase items directly from our website! 

A Private Gift registry keeps your list private with only you being able to access it.



How to set up your Baby Gift Registry:

1. Set up your customer profile

2.  Begin shopping using the 'Add to Registry' button on each individual product page.
Some products provide options to choose from such as colour, size or other types of choices. Please make certain to make the appropriate choices prior to adding the item to your registry.  

3.  Your baby gift registry is available online immediately.

4. Should you wish to have a gift list for your guests who prefer to shop by phone or should you require registry cards (free of charge) please contact at 

Kindly indicate GIFT REGISTRY in the subject line and provide us with your proper information.  We will be happy to assist you in any way that we can!



Throwing a surprise baby shower and want to create a group gift for the registrant?

Contact us at with GROUP GIFT in the subject line.

We can accomodate you by taking one full order. 

By doing this you may qualify for additional group rebates (all items in the order must be processed at the same time and shipped to one address) depending on the volume of your purchase!

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