Feeling nauseous? 5 things you can do.

Being pregnant is a beautiful time in a woman’s life yet there are those fated days where we feel just a little bit less than beautiful.  When these moments hit, we often forget about the simple things that can make a difference in the way we feel about ourselves.  The absolute worst feeling is the overwhelming nausea that hits many women in the beginning of pregnancy.  I was cursed with 4 solid months of 24 hour nausea that could only be relieved with ginger.  Unfortunately it would only holdout for half an hour at a time, but any relief was welcome.

Here are a few things that can make you feel more awake and look less green on those nauseous days.  I can’t guarantee that you will feel any less disgusting, but I can at least assure that no one will really notice (I hope)!


1. A quick splash with Ice water.  I’m guessing that this isn’t what you were expecting to see as the first thing on this list, but you will be surprised at what a nice ice filled bowl can do!  Fill a nice bowl with ice and water, submerge your freshly washed face into it for several seconds.  Repeat a minimum of 5 times.  Ok now tell me how quickly you forgot how bad your day was going?  Maybe this even shocked you out of your nausea for just a split second?  Your cheeks are now blushing with color I’m sure!

2. Moisturize and make-up.  Now that your face is a glow, how about slathering on some moisturizer and mascara on to that fresh face?  Add a dab of lip gloss.  Aren’t you feeling much better already?  Try finding scent-free options for this time in your pregnancy as many women abhor smells!

3. Hair.  Yes hair is a kind of extra special topic when you’re pregnant.  All kinds of funky things happen to it.  It can become more dry, or oily.  It can begin falling out or may actually become the crowning glory you always dreamed of!  Tying it back in a knot day to day won’t make you feel any sexier.  Do something different.  Invest in some colorful hair clips or bands.  Take 5 minutes to pull a curler or straightener through it.  I’m sure you can survive 5 minutes without throwing up!  I hope?
4. Add some color close to your face.  Nothing says awake or alive like the right color.  IF you know what color makes you shine on the drabbest day, wear it.  And wear it often!  Whether a top or scarf, even a piece of jewelry, nothing does it better than some sexy color close to your face.  IF you’re feeling extra sick, go for some vicious prints.  People will be so drawn to the excitement of your blouse that they won’t notice how green you really look!
5. Last but not least, invest in some candied ginger.  For those of you who aren’t fans, consider it a short term thing and give it a shot.  Candied ginger is much less spicy than natural ginger and coated with sweetness.  Not to sound gross here either, but for those of you ladies who can’t get much of a toothbrush close to your teeth or have issues with real vomiting, having candied ginger to snack on goes a long way in more ways than one!


Good luck and may your natural glow take over your nauseous green complexion sooner than later!

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