Baby on board, what do I wear! Step one: How to evaluate what you have

Beautiful Zara Maternity top

Beautiful Zara Maternity top

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life.  A time to reflect on all the lovely things you’ve done and all the things you aspire to do.  With the new blooming life in your belly, you’ll be filled with only happy thoughts until that fated day when the top button of your pants will no longer close. Uh-oh, the unwelcome fat days have come.  Rather than feeling depressed and filled with self-loathing about your body’s “discrepancies”, embrace these changes: Inside and out.

The most difficult task is shopping for a new wardrobe.  Add a body that has a mind of its own and the shopping experience has now become more of a nightmare than the week-end therapy it once was.

The trick to maternity wear shopping for both the body and the pocket book is to do it in steps.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting the three vital steps to evaluating your closet and how to organize yourself so that you maximize the use of your current clothing and dollars.

Today covers STEP ONE: Evaluate what you do have and how you can make what you own an asset in your new maternity wardrobe.  Invest in some large plastic bins to store your no longer fitting items while they wait for you to come back to your skinny body!

Here are some tips on how to determine what to keep and what to stash:

  • The sexy squeeze:  A sexy squeeze item is anything that you can still squeeze into and wear comfortably for at least a couple more weeks, including items that you can salvage with the use of a maternity band can be kept in the closet (for now).  Remove all clothing items that definitely do not fit anymore. Put these away in your store away bin.
  • Golden stretch rule: Some tops, dresses and sweaters made of stretchy fabrications and can be worn at the beginning of your pregnancy.  These items may even carry you through to the very end; But before you wear out your non-maternity stretch clothing, you’ll need to decide what you plan to wear out and what you plan to wear once you are back to the skinny you.  While it’s nice to wear what you have, you’ll need to remember that some stretch fabrics won’t recover after being stretched to new heights.  These types of items will generally be ruined due to lack of stretch recovery.  Therefore, the golden stretch rule is to keep items in your closet that are long enough, stretch enough and that you don’t mind wearing out.  Store away those precious stretch pieces you wish to spare from distorting with your new sexy body and want to wear again after baby is here.
  • Over and open: Button down shirts, jackets, blazers and other over pieces are hit or miss.  Some women enjoy the open jacket look or shirt blazer look.  If you have a few good over pieces that can be worn open for fashion sake, then by all means keep them in your closet.  Just remember that some items like these look ridiculous unless they are properly buttoned up.  So for those un-fit babies, pack them up for later.
  • Baby Booty: Baby booty is the first thing to creep up on most women.  Pants, jeans and shorts are the trickiest items to wear when you are pregnant. These are the first items you will need to replace and are typically the last item that most people go back to in their old size (right away).  Choose these items wisely.  Any non stretch bottom that is already giving you grief has to be put away in that bin immediately.  Keep all yoga pants, leggings and joggers that you don’t mind sacrificing to the “golden stretch rule” (see above).   Items that matter should be put away.
  • Bring the Bling: Except for belts, all other accessories are the items that have no “shape” restraints.  Now is the time to go through all of the bling you have, including those you probably forgot about.

The key to success in looking great and wearing suitable maternity wear during your pregnancy is merely organization.  Take the time to properly go through your closet and remove the items you don’t need in order to assure that you can easily find and coordinate your new wardrobe.  Don’t forget to pull out all of your bling from the hidden crevices of your drawers!

Until step two, HAPPY ORGANIZING!!!

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