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Once in awhile I try to find new items that can benefit a mom’s way of life.

Sometimes it’s something relatively simple and straightforward.

I decided to give The Snugg IPad Case a try and see how this adorable tablet case can benefit my daily life as a mom.

The first tough decision was which color to choose.

This nifty cover comes in Black, Distressed brown, White, Red, Pink, Orange,  Electric Blue and Baby Blue.




I chose red just because.  I would have gone with the pink or the baby blue however I share my IPad with my husband and I didn’t want to rock to boat!

The colors are fantastic, nice and bright or clean and conservative: Something for everyone.

The case is a bit bulkier  than what I am accustomed to with my previous face cover, however that in itself can serve a more positive purpose in the end.

Having children who often play on your IPad is one of those purposes.  It almost has an otterbox type of protection with the well covered corners!

I wouldn’t purposely throw it out a second floor window, but I can definitely see the benefits should it fall off a table.

The Snugg is definitely multifunctional and user friendly in that it accommodates a whole lot of possibilities.

Just having moved 3000 kilometers away from home, facetime has become one our IPad’s key uses.

This is another area in which The Snugg’s sturdiness comes into play.

There is nothing more annoying than being completely exhausted and having to hold your IPad up to your face to talk to your mother.

Or having that flimsy magnetic face cover collapse ever so often.

The sturdy case stands up with no problems, propped onto a table or desktop.

This is also a HUGE added bonus when you are in the kitchen trying out new online recipes!


I own an e-reader and as well as do lots of reading on my IPad.  The next feature is just plain awesome for you ladies who like to read while you relax in a steamy hot bubble bath, your time away from hubby and screeching kids.

Now I’m not encouraging people to take their costly tablets over a hot tub of water and I’m definitely not promoting that this case is waterproof (lol) but the hand hold feature is something worth writing about.  I did try it and a I like it!  I can also see how this can come in handy for those mom’s who need a free hand to pull down climbing kids, wipe snotty noses and fix their hair and make-up.



The price point is also a definite plus as it is less expensive than the name brand IPad covers available today.


This makes a great teacher gift or gift for your office gift exchange as this is something anyone would appreciate.

I’m going to pick up a few Snugg IPad Cases as gifts this year!


























Do You Have a “Helper”? Kitchen Safety Tips for Toddlers

This week’s guest  blogger is Michelle Rebecca.

Michelle is an aspiring writer with a passion for blogging. She enjoys writing about a vast variety of topics and loves that blogging gives her the opportunity to publicly voice her thoughts and share advice with an unlimited audience.

With the upcoming holiday season, baking is a wonderful past-time for parents to share some quality time with their children.  Michelle outlines some very important tips to help when sharing your kitchen with your little cooks.  ENJOY!


Do You Have a “Helper”? Kitchen Safety Tips for Toddlers

The kitchen is a draw for any toddler, regardless of gender. It’s a place of interesting objects, strange sounds, and exciting smells. If your little one likes to “help” you cook meals and desserts, that’s great. Just make sure you follow some basic safety rules so no one gets hurt.


Don’t Leave the Child Alone in the Kitchen

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. In the time it takes you to answer the telephone in another room, speak to a visitor at the front door, or even go to the bathroom, a young child can upend a pot of boiling water, run a finger over the sharp part of a knife, or decide to take a taste of the oven cleaner you keep under the sink. If you need to leave the kitchen for any reason while cooking, take your child with you.


Have Your Child Wear Short Sleeves

Long sleeves are easy to dip into hot oil, and they may catch fire if your child reaches for something at the back of a gas stove. Short sleeves are the safest option for the child. By the same token, if your child has long hair, tie it back behind his or her ears before going into the kitchen.


Practice Good Hygiene

Make sure you and your child wash your hands or use an antibacterial solution before you go from working on one piece of food to working on another. This lessens the risk of cross-contamination, and teaches your child important habits that will be useful throughout his or her life.

Watch Out for Handles on the Stove

If you’re cooking something in a pot or a pan on the stove, make sure the handle faces back towards the wall and not out into the kitchen. A child may be tempted to pull on a handle that points out, and in doing so, he or she may upset a pan of hot grease or water.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

If you spill something, stop what you are doing and clean it up immediately. Explain to your child that spills can make the floor slippery and increase the risk of slips and falls.

Pick Age-Appropriate Tasks

A 3-year-old is probably too young to peel potatoes or stir a hot pan of corn, but he or she might be able to shell peas or to help decorate cookies for dinner.

Use Safe Cookware

Some metal cookware products leach unhealthy chemicals into foods. Do your research and serve your meals on cookware that is safe for the entire family.

If your child is excited about helping in the kitchen, by all means encourage him or her. Just make sure you follow a few basic safety precautions to avoid unnecessary cuts, burns, and other injuries.



MaliMoo Baby CANADA will no longer be stocking and shipping most of our  MATERNITY WEAR from Canada anymore at this time.  This may change sometime in the near future.  Keeping stock in Canada is very costly at this time for us and we hope that our situation changes soon.  As a result, we have lowered our prices substantially for US warehouse shipped items: Most of our  MATERNITY WEAR that will now only ship from the US has been dropped in price anywhere from $15.00 to $80.00.

MATERNITY WEAR  that is shipped from Canada will be indicated in the product descriptions with SHIPS FROM CANADA.

The benefits are that the Canadian customer will have more maternity wear options available to them as we will provide more styles to choose from.  WE will also be at the liberty of offering you the same discounts and sales we offer our US customers.

The drawback is that we cannot cover customs or additional taxes incurred by shipment fees.   Many of our maternity clothing suppliers  MATERNITY WEAR is US made.  This proves beneficial as many are capable of providing documents to save customs, so some items may be custom free, however we cannot assure this.

Although our shipping fees ON OUR END are much higher to ship (to you) from the US, we will continue to keep the free shipping options after purchases of $150.00.  We feel that we owe you at least that much!

We are currently working on a program to provide you with a flat customs fees option at checkout.  We will let you know when that comes into effect.