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Your newborn’s first toys

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This week’s guest  blogger is Josh Doyle.

Josh is an aspiring writer, enjoys sharing experiences and is currently working for a company which supplies infant products.


Your Newborn’s first toys

Your new little baby has entered the world, and if your a new parent or even and existing one, that tiny little child is entitled to the best. You will have to coach, entertain and look after the baby from the beginning – but how?

What are the best items to use?

Facial Features 

Yes, Its true! The face is the number one plaything your infant needs. Your child’s’ pupils will always look at the eyes and smile on the lips in front of him/her. Although at a young age babies cannot see that well at all, so a newborn can’t see the mobile dangling over the crib or the TV across the room. What they will be able to see is the face of the mummy/daddy holding them about 50cm away. This is a similar distance as that of the bend of your arm! So, if you cradle your infant, and look into his/her eyes, that gives them the first plaything  they need in they’re life. they will inspect your face and get to know it, and learn about facial expressions as they accompany tones of voice and emotions.



Try to remember that a little baby does not have very good eyesight. most things are very blurry. However, bright and high contrast pictures will definitely catch the child’s eye. You will find flash cards, wall posters, and baby toys that have interesting colours and white swirls, bullseyes, triangles, and other geographic shapes will help develop the baby’s eyes. The eyes will follow the direction of the lines, building eye muscles.

Try not to over stimulate the baby though. Having a room full of graphics and visual stimuli may be quite stressing for the infant. A little baby needs to have a calm room that does not place any demands on his/her synapsis.

A shaker


Rattles are usually just about the right volume, but when originally designed, it was discovered that the loud noise can damage the baby’s hearing. A rattle is a nice and interesting noise attracts the infant’s attention. Shake the rattle gently behind the baby’s head, and see if he turns around to see where the sound is coming from. You can also shake it in different directions.


A cuddly toy

Lots of babies love cuddly toys, just to feel the squidgyness and cuddly-ness. But there are many reasons. The baby can suck on the toy without swallowing anything or hurting itself. Usually, a cuddly toy has a face, so the infant can relate to the eyes, nose, and mouth on an inanimate object.


A Washcloth

That’s right, a washcloth or even buggy blankets are a great toy for a infant. He can suck it, grab it, shake it, and get several kinds of tactile experiences from it. It’s actually great for creating visual memory. Cover toys, or your face, then say, “Where’s Mommie?” (unless your a daddy), then unveil yourself! It’s just “peekaboo”, but littlens don’t think you’re there if they are unable to see you.

All kinds of household items can be used as toys. Make sure you have a look before buying anything baby specific.