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Send Out Cards, Keeping in touch with those that matter

Last year a friend of mine sent me a wonderful personalized card with a gift.  I was seriously touched and impressed with the thoughtfulness.

The act of sending cards has dwindled substantially that people tend to forget how beautiful it feels to be thought of and to receive a beautiful card in the mailbox.

Shortly after this wonderful experience, she let me in on a little secret; the company Send Out Cards. I was completely intrigued by it and found it to be one of the most beautiful thought out concepts in a very long time.

Being a very busy mother with lots to do, I often felt badly about not sending thank-you notes on time or unintentionally missing people’s birthdays or anniversaries.  The concept of Send Out Cards seemed a rational solution to this little issue I was having with properly making the special people in my life feel good.  So I signed on.

Initially, it’s a little bit of work as you need to enter all of your loved ones into the system, but once all of their information is implemented, Send Out Cards sends you reminder emails prior to every birthday or other event so that you can move ahead and send your card.

The neat thing with this process is that although they have hundreds (probably thousands) of card selections for various events (including different languages) you can customize these cards in so many ways.  There are many little formats so that you may implement your own photos, clip art types of things, various fonts including the option of having your own handwriting made into a font.  But the best part of it is that you never have to touch, address or stamp the card yourself.  Once you put the card through, Send Out Cards prints your customized card, stamps it and mails it for youSend Out Cards even takes the time to affix postage from your home country.  So if you are Canadian, your recipient will receive a Canadian stamped card with your return address.

The fun doesn’t stop there!  Cards come in post card formats, folded, three fold and super big!  There is also the option of including gifts!  Gifts vary from baked goods to gift certificates.

Most people question cost.  How expensive is it to send a card?  Most cards fall under a dollar plus postage.  That in itself, with not having to print labels or get writers cramp during Christmas is worth it.  Also, each individual card can be personalized.  So if you want to use different photos, card styles, customize your message then you can without having to buy cards in bulk.

Send Out Cards is a fantastic option for people who own businesses.  Especially those who work in fields that are highly visual or artistic.  Many realtors use this service as it allows them to personalize their  thank-you notes to their clients by sending cards with a photo of their clients home.  Or artists who have designed custom work for their clients will extend a thank you by sending them a personalized card with a photo of their  artwork.    There are many ways that this service can benefit many people.

Just think about Christmas cards, Birthday cards, Thank-You cards after a major event such as a milestone birthday or just a simple hello to a friend that you haven’t spoken to in awhile.  Any reason to reach out and connect with those that matter in your life is worth the expression and beautiful feeling a card can make.


Feel free to send a card and see how you like it!  SEND A CARD NOW


Growing up Geeky Toddle along Tuesday

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I just love Melissa’s blog Growing up Geeky because it’s one of the most “real” blogs I’ve come across.  I couldn’t help myself with this week’s toddle along Tuesday.  Although my baby is far from a toddler, he’s still a baby in my heart.  I can’t help but share photos of my gorgeous son and adorable furry daughter.  Here they are:



New Babies and the “Baby Smack down”

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This week’s guest blogger is Alexandra Holmes!

Alex is 24 and lives in Fort Worth, TX with her husband and four young boys: 3 year old Aidan and 2 year old triplets Mason, Wyatt, and Payton. She balances her adventure filled home life with a full time career in the retail industry. Alex has a “Practical PHD” in Parenting and always injects wit, common sense, and a large dose of humor into her life and her writing. You can read more about Alex and her take on family life and parenting at



New Babies and the “Baby Smack down”

By: Alexandra Holmes

Everywhere I look right now I see pregnant women and new babies. Summer babies are taking over! My lovely sister is beautifully pregnant with a boy (who I am going to strongly resist trying to kidnap once he’s here), my brother is going to have the first girl in our family very soon, and pretty much every other person on the street is either pregnant or pushing around a new baby.


There are endless numbers of tips and tricks out there for new parents and I always try to avoid overloading new parents with too much advice since they usually get that from everyone. Having said that, I did manage to get through newborn-hood with triplets with my sanity still intact so I think that feat alone lends me a little credibility in this area. (Warning squeamish boys: I am going to talk about breastfeeding at least once.)


Overall, my biggest point that I always try to get through to new parents is to relax, trust yourself, and have fun. This little person will only be a baby once and when they are 17 and annoyed with your every word you say you will wish that you had enjoyed them when they were still little sweet cutie pies.


My go to pieces of advice for new parents are always these:


1.     Trust yourself. Even if this is your first baby and you never got around to reading that stack of parenting books you will still figure this whole parenting thing out…I PROMISE. If you trust yourself and your intuition then the rest will work itself out. My outlook on parenting books and parenting advice (my own included) has always been to remember the parts that appeal to you and take the rest of it with a grain of salt. No one is going to report you if you listen to your music loud in the car while pregnant even though “What to expect…” said it was against the rules. Few people know this fact but women actually had babies and raised them all the way to adulthood once upon a time BEFORE parenting books! I know… I didn’t believe it the first time either. Every time something new, stressful, scary, weird, gross, or completely infuriating happens just repeat these words “I CAN DO THIS!”


2.     RELAX. You as the parent have the most influence on how the early days with your baby (or babies) will go. If you are relaxed and try to remain calm through trying situations then your baby will more likely stay calm or calm down quicker. Having a new baby in the house can be tough especially if it’s your first time, remembering to relax and stay calm will greatly reduce the stress and help you enjoy this time with your baby. If you do find that it seems like the stress really is too much for you then consider bringing it up to your doctor because a couple weeks on Zoloft could be just the thing you need to get over the hormonal highs and lows and enjoy your baby the way that you want to. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having to seek help from your doctor on this because even mild postpartum depression is very common and easily treatable.


3.     Don’t suffer if you don’t have to. There is no award for having the hardest time with your newborn and there are so many things out there that make common baby issues a thing of the past and can make your life SO much easier. Colic/tummy troubles? If it is just normal baby issues and not something more serious then give that baby “Gripe Water” at every frickin’ feeding if you have to. It is all natural and safe and works miracles, I always used Wellements brand but they sell other brands at most grocery stores and pharmacies. Bottle feeding? Dr. Browns…’nough said. If you or your baby are having trouble getting the hang of breastfeeding because of any latch issues then before you give up (or just come to terms with being in pain every time you feed) try silicone nipple shields. They can ease or completely eliminate many common issues with breastfeeding from irritation to difficulty latching. For any preemie mommies, these actually made it possible for me to breastfeed the triplets when they were only 4 lbs. The point of these tricks is just to reassure you that if you are struggling with any issues with your baby there is probably a simple solution out there and you don’t need to suffer. (For a full list of my favorite baby products/lifesavers check out


4.     Finally….The Baby Smack down…It’s called that because no baby that I have ever encountered can resist it. My mother in law learned the baby smack down on her last visit from Seattle with my sister in law, brother in law, and young niece. This move is for babies that think they don’t want to sleep. Well baby…Momma says it’s time to sleep! You will need: A rocking chair, a soothie pacifier, a big receiving blanket, and a stronger will than that 10 pound person which is easier said than done. Now that you have your artillery .Swaddle baby, arms in, in a VERY snug swaddle. If you do one of those wimpy, fall apart swaddles then your baby will win this battle. Sit in the rocking chair and get that little baby snuggled up tight in the crook of your arm so that you can wrap your arm around to hold in the pacifier. Don’t look at Baby, hold in the pacifier, start rocking…and I mean REALLY rocking, pat Baby’s back, and do the “Sshh, sshh, sshh” sound. If your baby isn’t asleep in 15 minutes then there is probably something wrong like a wet diaper or a gas bubble OR your baby is superhuman and you should be very worried and start looking into X-men schools. If you’re not into using pacifiers then use a finger or nothing if your baby doesn’t need it.


The most important tip is absolutely Number 1. If you have that then the rest is just lagniappe.  –That’s southern for bonus 😉


I hope you can take something from this and make your precious time with your new baby more enjoyable.


 Me and My little cuties when they were 2 1/2 months old.


Thanks for Reading.


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We apologise for any inconvenience!

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This week’s guest blogger is Jennifer Lewis!

Guest blogger Jennifer Lewis writes for a website that has advice on financial aid for moms going back to school, such as grants for women and scholarships for women graduate students. She believes a degree can open more doors for women and that moms should not be deterred from going back to school.

It is a challenge to balance study with family life, but being organized can make it a lot easier.



Going back to school can be an exciting time for a busy mom, but it can also be difficult to include the needs of school work into the hectic schedule of everyday family life. With advance planning, some minor changes to day-to-day routines and cooperation from others, moms can have a successful return to college without disrupting the rest of
the household.



Planning lunches and supper on a daily basis can be one of the most time consuming chores for any mom. Going back to school can exasperate the situation. Use the weekend to plan meals out for the upcoming week. Include some easy to prepare meals, even those that can slow cook in a crock pot. Sign up on a food or housekeeping website that will send daily or weekly recipe ideas so time doesn’t have to be wasted thinking of meal ideas. During exams time can be even more in short supply, so if the budget allows treat the family to some takeout. Pasta and salads are quick and easy to prepare, so keep them on hand in case of emergencies.



If one is not already being used, purchase a  planner. Write in the dates when school work will be due first, especially exams. Work in family events around these days. Make sure due dates are written up, not the dates work is assigned. If children are also still in school, be sure to write in any special events, such as programs or when special projects are due. Keep the planner in a visible place so everyone in the household can use it.



Assign various household chores to the children in the family. There is something for everyone, even the very young. Washing dishes, folding clothes and picking up their possessions are all chores that can be given to children. Make clear to each member what is expected of them. It might help to design some sort of reward system for jobs well done, as well as consequences for duties that are neglected.



Set aside a certain time each day for every member of the family to do their homework. This will allow mom to easily plan when course work can be accomplished, as well as being available if the children need help. If possible, see if the spouse can aid the children. If not, have older children help their younger siblings.



Learn to be flexible when it comes to lesser priorities that pop up from time to time. Trying to accomplish everything will lead to frustration which can hamper the performance at school.


Adding the challenge of college classes to an already busy schedule can be intimidating for many moms and may keep them from returning to school. By using some advance planning techniques, changing schedules around some and getting everyone involved, moms can make a successful return to school. Other members of the family can take on new responsibilities and everyone can benefit in the long run.





Last minute fun! JULY giveaway! Size medium BOMBSHELL SWIMSUIT!

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Benefits of Organized Activities for Kids

When trying to decide what activities and sports to allow your kids to participate in at a young age can be tough. You may wonder if it’s worth your time and money, or if your kids are doing something positive for their growth and quality of life. The truth is that organized sports and activities for children have large benefits for their life skills and future in many ways.


Physical benefits

The obesity rate in America is incredibly high right now, and is continuing to grow. By participating in active and physical activities, children learn fun ways to play and exercise. By playing games and sports, children will develop an appreciation and a love for exercising, sweating, playing, and working hard, all while they have fun with their friends. Teaching kids the importance of exercise at a young age will lead to a long and healthy life in the future.


Social benefits

By being involved in group activities, children will learn the importance of teamwork and friendship. They will develop their social skills and the ability to listen and work with others in a positive way. These children will also learn the importance of sportsmanship. The only way to develop these life-long skills is by practice and being put to the test, even if it something as small as a simple game outdoors. The teamwork and social skills they will develop through these organized activities will help them further succeed in life and in the world.


Academic benefits

Studies have proven that children that are involved in extra-curricular activities make better grades than those children who aren’t. Now that’s not saying you should sign your kids up for 5 sports teams, 3 dance classes, and 4 camps. But allow your kids to choose 1-3 activities or sports that they enjoy and want to participate in. Balance and time management are vital skills to all humans, and the more kids learn about them now, the better they will be able to handle a schedule in the future.


Discipline and Leadership

In all activities, especially sports, discipline is very important. Children involved in these teams or groups must learn to be respectful to their leaders and coaches and other teammates, and must learn the importance of self-control. Organized activities are also a great place to see the leadership skills a child can possess and develop. Every team must have a leader, and in many cases, every participant can be a leader in their own way. Whether it’s on the field, in the gym, in the classroom, or wherever an activity may be, there’s always a place to practice leadership skills by helping and teaching others and setting a good example.


This article was written by Strong Rock Camp, an overnight Christian camp, nestled in the North Georgia Mountains. Our camp provides acceptance and love to all campers


Shops of Fabulous!

Online shopping has been HUGE in the US for quite awhile now leaving the bulk of Canadian women sitting in awe; Kind of like a kid standing in front of a candy store (but not being allowed in).

The whole online thing for many Canadians is a big blurb and kind of confusing.  Many Canadians are naturally cautious and not that apt to trying new online stores or places to shop without much reflection or research.

Along comes Jaimie, an online marketing guru, who after spending several years in Amsterdam working in online marketing with an emphasis on e commerce, has launched a Canadian retailer based site called Shops of Fabulous.

After coming home to Canada, she realized that online shopping wasn’t as fabulous!  She began to discover many online shops that focused on the Canadian consumer.

Shops of Fabulous is a nice little place where Canadian shoppers can discover online shopping in a divine inspirational kind of way!

Not only is Jaimie inspiring, she literally spoon feeds her visitors by outlining all the features each online retailer has to offer.  Mainly the gritty stuff like shipping policies, return policies and all the lovely things that make most people shy away from the online shopping experience.
She is all for helping people find that win-win solution so that they may benefit from the convenience and fun online shopping has to give.

This is truly the work of a fashionista with a mission!

Visit Shops of Fabulous for your awe inspiring introduction to Canada’s best online shops in one place!