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From Parents to Parents! Guest Bloggers wanted!

MaliMooBaby guest blogger search: would like to share some parenting stories from parents to parents.

We are looking for mommies (and daddies!) who would be interested in submitting a guest blog based on their experiences with parenting young children (babies and toddlers).

You can be the parent of a now teenager (or a grandparent ) yet have advice or a story to share  that may prove helpful to new parents.

Be as creative as you like! Funny, touching, advice filled, any topic as long as the experience is real and honest.



  1. Quantity (of words) are not as important as quality.  However not too short (under 200 words is not enough) and not too long (over 1500 words is too much)!
  2. Please email us with a brief outline on your topic as we would like to plan our posts to vary week to week.
  3. We ask if you allow us permission to post your photo with a brief bio at the beginning of your article/blog submission!  So please provide a photograph and any information you would like to have posted on your bio!
  4. We are very open minded and don’t like to stifle creativity, so all material will be considered!   However, please refrain from using inappropriate content or wording.
  5. Photos are always a plus!


Guest blogs will be featured once a week beginning in July 2012.

Kindly send your proposals to

Please put GUEST BLOGGER in the subject line.


Have a fantastic day!