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Traveling with baby – Travel Mate

Traveling on board with baby couldn’t be easier with Gogo kidz travelmate.  This nifty little item is fantastic to take along when traveling by air!

Carrying your heavy car seat through the airport is over. Now your baby and car seat can be wheeled at the same time!  The Gogo Kidz Travel mate is easily mounted and allows one hand to be free to hold your passports, dig in your bag for baby’s snacks or hold on to baby’s toys!  This amazing little contraption weighs merely 5 pounds and tucks up nicely to store in the overhead compartment.



Buy the Gogo Kidz Travelmate from MaliMoo Baby CANADA

Buy the Gogo Kidz Travelmate from MaliMoo Baby USA


This week’s buzz…is in the bag!

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Spring time is a time for changes.  One of these changes is the “BAG”!

Every woman changes here handbag with the change of seasons, diaper bags are no exception!


Week of: April 11-April 17

This Week’s Buzz is all about the BAG!

With every REGULAR PRICED DIAPER BAG purchase, receive a gift certificate to be used towards your next MaliMooBaby shopping experience!


Traveling with baby – The Buggy Bagg Elite!

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MaliMooBaby CANADA has some very interesting traveling items for baby!

New to the Canadian site this week is the Buggy Bagg EliteThe perfect item to help in keeping baby’s shopping spree as germ-free as possible.  Although avoiding germs completely is a mere fantasy for most mom’s, using a Buggy Bagg Elite can at least cover the most common places baby will set their little fingers (and mouths)!

Buggy Bagg Elite is also available in the (US) store!  Click HERE to buy in the US.

Bugg Baggs are easy to transport and easy to use!

Buggy Bagg Elite

MaliMoo Baby April giveaway!

MaliMoo Baby will be giving away a $30.00 gift certificate this month!

Entries must be in by April 30th!

Winner will be able to choose between a Canadian gift card or a US Gift card.

Please enter below via rafflecopter!

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MaliMoo baby name of the day…CLARA!

The origin of CLARA is Latin.

The meaning of the name CLARA is “Clear; bright; famous”.

CLARA is a town in Offaly, in the middle of Ireland.

Famous CLARAs include:

American nurse Clara Barton (born Clarissa Barton) who organized the American Red Cross

German pianist Clara Schumann, wife of the Romantic composer Robert Schumann.

Clara is a girl who helps the Nutcracker defeat the Mouse King, in the ballet ‘The Nutcracker’ by Tchaikovsky,

Variations of CLARA include:

Claira, Claire, Clarabelle, Claramae, Claramay, Clare, Claresta, Claretha,

Clarey, Clari, Claribel, Clarie, Clarina, Clarinda, Clarine, Claris, Clarisse,

Claritza, Clarry, Clary, Claryce, Cleriese, Klara, Klarice, Klarise, Klarra

Blue baby beaches

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Baby blue beaches filled with ivory sand and coral reef: A beautiful inspiration for the perfect summer baby shower.

Malimoo Baby introduces a new maternity dress  in a sweet baby blue.  The perfect style to grace your perfect little beach ball.  This dress is ideal for those petite pear shaped ladies, hiding the most generous areas with a beautiful flowing chiffon skirt and highlighting fantastic arms with it’s strapless feature.  Imagine a soft tan and sparkling silver sandals to complete this free and easy pretty look.

This theme of precious blue and sea shells is a sweet party theme for a coming to be baby boy yet soft and feminine enough to highlight the mommy to be.

No need to be sitting on the beach to feel the fresh waves of summer.

Top Center: Cake Idea taken from Dexknows WEDDINGS

Top Right: Table setting idea taken from ONEWED

Bottom Right: Photo taken from OLIVEAUX

Bottom Center: Invitation idea taken from Hanahou Productions

Strapless baby blue maternity dress available at

MaliMoo baby name of the day…JACOB!

The origin of JACOB is Hebrew.

The meaning of JACOB is “seizing by the heel”.

The name JACOB appears in the biblical book of Genesis

as the youngest son of Isaac and Rebecca and twin to Esau.

Jacob”s sons were the founders of the twelve tribes of Israel,

and he received the name Israel from God later in life.

James is a common variant of this name.

Famous JACOB s include:
Jake Gyllenhaal: Actor, Jarhead, Brokeback Mountain, Donnie Darko,

Jacob Miller, Musician , Jakob Christiansen.

Jakob Nielsen: Web expert on usability.

Jacob Perkins, Inventor, machinery, Jacob Teitelbaum, Author,

Jacob Vargas: Actor, Jarhead, CSI: NY, Dragonfly, Dr. DoLittle 2

Jacob, the hunky Twilight werewolf

Variations of JACOB are:
Jake, Jaccob, Jacobus ,Jacoby, Jacque, Jakob , Giacomo,

Iakopa, Iakovos,  Jaap,  Jack , Jacobe, Jacobo, Jacquan,

Jacquel,  Jacquelin , Jacques , Jacquez , Jago , Jakob,  Jakub,

Formal Wear For Baby

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MaliMooBaby introduces some cute little numbers for spring and summer weddings!

Baby has to be looking fancy too!

This week’s buzz is about FANCY BABY!

Enjoy 15% off all baby formal wear!