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OWLS Continue on Ashley Suzanne this week!


A lovely little OWL item from MALIMOO has been featured on ASHLEY SUZANNE’s blog this week!  Ashley Suzanne is an avid blogger whose focus is on anything fun: From books to family life, crafts, foods and anything else she brainstorms.  Read what she has to say about MaliMoo Baby and the little OWL piece that she’s featured this week!


This Week’s Buzz…OWLS!

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When I think of OWLS, I think of my close friend Esterina Vescio who has a “slight” obsession with them!  She’s the inspiration behind this week’s buzz!  She is the owner of CooCoo Designs, a mommy owned company that specializes in custom and personalized room decor items for children.  Her wonderful items don’t stop there, she creates beautiful handmade cards and lovely gifts for teachers!

So this week, I am featuring some cute items that can be custom made for you by Esterina for your little bloom or other special people in your life as well as some cute little items available in our MaliMoo Baby boutique to satisfy your Owl obsession!  Esterina’s pretty creations can be found here in her ETSY shop.  She may not have any OWLS currently on display, but Convo her for any special requests!  IF anyone understand owls, it’s Esterina!


Some Items available at CooCoo Designs: (Top Right) Hand made cards, (Bottom left) Custom made canvas with your child’s name, (bottom right) Teacher’s personalized hanging picture frame


 THIS WEEK’S BUZZ!  Beginning February 29 until March 6th enjoy some OWL fun Here!!!  For the Canadian site, click HERE!!!




MaliMoo baby name of the day…SOFIA!


The name SOFIA is of Spanish origin.

The meaning of SOFIA is “WISDOM”.

The name SOFIA is growing in popularity year to year.

Famous SOFIA’s include:
Sofia Coppola, filmmaker.

Variations of SOFIA include:
Sophia, Safa, Safiyah (Arabic) Sofija (Croatian) Zofka, Zofie, Zofia (Czech) Sohvi (Finnish)

Sophie (French) Sophoon, Sophronia, Sofi (Greek) Tzophiah (Hebrew) Zsófika, Zsófia (Hungarian)

Sonja (Norwegian) Sophi, Sofie, Sophy (Persian) Zosha, Zocha, Zosia (Polish)

Chofi, Chofa, Soficita, Fifi (Spanish) Sofya (Turkish) Sonia, Sofiya, Sofka, Sonyusha, Sonya, Sonyuru (Ukrainian)

MaliMoo baby name of the day…VANESSA!

The name VANESSA is of Greek origin.

The meaning of VANESSA is “BUTTERFLY”.

The name VANESSA was invented by writer Jonathan Swift

in his poem ‘Cadenus and Vanessa’.

He invented this name by taking the first three letters of

his friend’s surname and the first three letters of her first name.

Her name was Esther Vanhomrigh.

Famous VANESSA’s include:
Actresses Vanessa Redgrave, Vanessa Williams

Variations of VANESSA include:
Jenessa, Nessa, Nessie, Nessy, Van, Vanassa, Vaneeta, Vanesa, Vanesha,

Vaneshia, Vanesia, Vanesse, Vanessia, Vanetta, Vaneza, Vania, Vaniece,

Vaniessa, Vanija, Vanisa, Vanissa, Vanita, Vanna, Vannaleigh, Vannesa,

Vannessa, Vannetta, Vanneza, Vannie, Vanya, Varnessa, Venesa, Venesha,

Venessa, Venesse, Venetta, Venessea, Veniesa, Venisha, Venishia,

Venna, Vennesa, Vennessa, Vennisa, Vinesha,

Vinessa, Vinisha, Vonessa, Vonesse and Vonnessa.

Cake Lingerie!

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The Baby Nursery – The use of colour

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Creating the perfect haven for your little bloom can be a very stressful project.

From choosing the right colors to finding the right theme, parents worry about what they choose and the longevity of their choices.

Parents want a room that is versatile and will easily transition their child from infant to toddler to pre-schooler.

From a design perspective, the room’s concept should begin from a bedding set or a painting that the parent is certain they want to use in the nursery.

From this bed set or painting, colors can be chosen for the wall color, accent colors and furniture colors.

As a rule of thumb, the ground color in the print or the one that sets the general mood of the pattern should be used as the main wall color.  A second key color should be chosen as the core highlight color.  This highlight color can be used as a second wall color, furniture piece color or as an upholstery color.

Finally, an accent color should be chosen to bring these two colors together.

When trying to stay on a budget and wanting to assure longevity to a room, the boldest color should be reserved as the accent color.  By merely changing the accent color, you can change the complete look of a room instantly.

Many parents are intrigued by the new trend of colorful furniture.  This trend is fun and adds character to a room, yet if budget is a concern, maintain a neutral color for the large pieces and have one furniture piece as an accent.

In the photo below, you can see how the colors pink, turquoise and cream are used together.  For tradition sake, a pale pink and or cream would make the best wall color choices with turquoise being the accent color that can later be replaced with colors like chocolate brown or tan for an instant change in decor.  The use of tan or brown would tone down the brightness of the room and implement a more mature and sophisticated feel.


CAKE photo taken from blog:

FLOWER photo taken from blog:

DRESSER photo taken from blog:

BEDDING photos take from bedding sets by Caden Lane.  These bedding sets can be purchased at




MaliMoo baby name of the day…TODD!


The name TODD is of Middle English origin.

The meaning of TODD is “fox” or “fox hunter”.

The name TODD remains a dialectal term for FOX is some parts of Britain.

TODD is a Scottish term for someone who is witty or clever

Famous TODD’s include:

Andy Todd (English soccer player), Todd Eldredge (figure skating champion),Todd Rundgren (musician),

Sweeney Todd (2007 film), Todd Bridges (actor), Todd Bodine (NASCAR driver),  Todd Bertuzzi (Canadian hockey player)

Variations of TODD include:

Tod, Tad

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MaliMoo baby name of the day…BENNETT


The origin of BENNETT is Latin.

The name BENNETT means Little Blessed One.

The name BENNETT is rising in popularity consistently year to year.

Variations of BENNETT include:

Benito,  Bennet,  Benoit,  Benett,  Bond,  Bento,  Benet,  Bent,

Bunty,  Bondie,  Benedi,  Bennnett,  Bantu,  Bennitt,  Binod,  Benedo,  Bennettte

My husband thinks…

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