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Babies and funky animal prints!

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Humans have enjoyed the warmth and nurture of animal skins for centuries.  With true furs being politically questionable (and considering how most of them are acquired, rightfully so) the market has moved ahead with one of the highest forms of flattery: Copying.

These beautiful patterns in nature are being found on so many baby items.  The richness in colors and the element of warmth that these patterns provide go beyond just making a fashion statement. has decided to bring the element of richness and warmth to their customers by providing them with a nice selection of animal prints!  Obviously no animal was harmed in the process of making any of these items!


Replacement car seat covers in animal prints are already avaialbe in the store.

Please stay tuned for new animal print products coming in store this week!

Christmas is coming, what gifts are you giving your teachers?

Children spend most of their day under the care of some very special people who will make some of the most vital impressions on them throughout their lives.  A teachers dedication to the children they teach often go unnoticed and unappreciated.  The  effort and patience a teacher requires to uphold the attention and cooperation of a group of children is rarely looked at with admiration these days.  This is a vocation that takes a love of people and a need to see the world grow to become a better place.

The gifts that leave the most impressive mark on their hearts are those that outline the importance of their role in society and in the lives of children.    Knowing that they’ve made some kind of difference in the life of a child is often the greatest reward.  Supporting their mission to bring literacy and higher education into our communities and often in other less fortunate communities is a gift that assures them that people understand why they have chosen this path of constant service.

I have often thought of my teachers throughout my life.  Some have made greater impacts on me than others.  Not because they were better teachers, but because they were the type of teachers that I needed in my life at that particular time.  Some have taught me the quickest math tricks while others have taught me about life’s lessons.

I think that this year I will take the time to think about a teacher that has made an impression in my life.  I’ll take the time to write them a  heartfelt letter and thank them for their belief in me and how that belief has helped me become the person that I am today.  I think I’ll be running the risk of that poor teacher not having a clue as to who the heck I am, but at least that techer will know that at some point in their career, there was a child, now an adult, that has never forgotten them.

I also think that this is a little tradition that  I will encourage my son to do every year.  To give that dedication back to his teachers, for a brief moment and let them know how they have inspired him that year.  Teachers need to be thanked.  Not with costly gifts but with appreciation for what they do and what they believe in.

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Some Cute Little Gifts!

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When I came across Baby Aspen for the first time, I let out a little screech!

Now HOW cute is that?  My favorite has to be the little ice cream boxes with the little layettes in them.

If that isn’t cute enough, how about the little baby ice cream cone socks with sprinkles?







What goes beyond cuteness is not only the innovative little outfits but the thoughtfully put together packaging.

Try these little bloomers on for size.  All dressed up in a little planter!







For the little sporty one there is a tiny little golf cart filled with all kinds of goodies!







OOOH! For the little one’s with Big Dreamz!







To think that this is just the beginning of cuteness!!!

Cookie Madness!

I haven’t written about food in awhile and I know that I should! It’s just with my new found high blood pressure (no shock there) I find myself having to be even more cautious of how careful I am with my food.  This is particularly annoying as I’m one of those people that loves to cook (yet more importantly, loves to eat).

I participate in a cookie exchange every year with my book club and absolutely love it. The cookies are a fantastic part of it all but the camaraderie outsmarts the sweetest cookie by far. Although I have a nice collection of cookie recipes, I can never have enough.  I am completely stumped as to what to make this year.  I am searching for something quite easy and quick but something that stands on its own (no pun intended) and is quite simply awesome.  I’m in search for the ultimate cookie.

Do you have that cookie????

December 6, 2011 – Holiday Happiness!

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This adult sized snuggie blanket is so simple yet is the best invention.

I wish I had one of these when my little one was a little one.

So perfect to snuggle together during feeding time and especially at this time of the year (next to a nice warm fire).

My little guy has now asked for one yet can’t decide what color he wants.  As he’s just as comfy in pinks as blues, with the large selection that Swaddle Designs provides, this is going to be a difficult call for him. I’ll let you all know what color he (finally) chooses.

This beautiful item is featured in the HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS  just because it’s one of those things that no one would think of getting for themselves.

At the same time, this gorgeous swaddle wrap will undoubtedly become a staple item on their couch;  Making this the ultimate gift, especially for the holidays.

I thought it would be great to offer this item as a daily offering just because it’s something that is too hard to miss.

This beautiful item comes with a gift wrapping option.  For one day only, Enjoy accepting the FREE gift wrapping option as well!

Should you wish to send this directly to a recipient as a gift, please indicate this and the shipping address in the comments box at checkout.


Ivory with Pink Puff Circles and Dk Very Berry Satin!




December 5, 2011 – HOLIDAY HAPPINESS!

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Day 6 of  Holiday Happiness !

Modern Scoop In Black!

Side drawstring maternity top that is flattering on most figures.

Very cute maternity top for petite girls.

This beautiful top lends to the classic black with some added features to dress this maternity top up!

Wear with a sleek and sexy skirt or look as equally elegant with a comfortable pair of jeans


December 4, 2011 – Holiday Happiness!

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Day 5 of Holiday Happiness !

Zara or Sydney mini dress!

Two super cute and sexy maternity dresses for your Christmas party!

Adorable strapless piece with ruching and just the right mini length!

Doubles up as a maternity tunic for those nice tall mamas!



December 3, 2011 – Holiday Happiness!

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Day 4 of Holiday Happiness !

 Zara Shimmer Top!

An adorable piece for those holiday brunches!

Add a pair of sexy shimmery tights  and you’re on your way.

A cute maternity top with a handkerchief hem bottom.

Fabric has a little shimmer to it to take you from day to night!

This maternity top is perfect from early pregnancy through to nursing with easy pull aside neckline for quick access.

Extra length for more coverage and doubles up as a maternity tunic for the little mamas.


Fabric: 95% cotton 5% spandex
Nursing access: Pull-Aside Neckline




December 2, 2011 – Holiday Happiness!

Day 3 of Holiday Happiness !


Dear Johnnies AVA maternity delivery gown and matching robe!

Perfect for the hospital stay to meet and greet your little blossom in style!

Each item comes in it’s own matching bag.

These little bags are perfect to put other little things during your hospital stay.

For one day only, receive FREE MONOGRAMMING!


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A 100% cotton gown in a warm yellow fabric with fantastic orange, pink, and turquoise paisley accents; trimmed with orange grosgrain ribbon around the neckline and with decorative ties along the snap down back. Each shoulder snaps down completely for ease of medical access and breastfeeding for nursing mothers.


A lightweight, super soft, 100% cotton white flannel robe trimmed with our Ava fabric pattern on the shawl collar, fold up cuffs, and belt tie.