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Top 10 Maternity Essentials

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Being pregnant doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor where dressing is concerned.  If you know how to build your basic wardrobe by buying a few well chosen quality pieces, you should be fine through most of your pregnancy.  The key is to plan early, not necessarily buy early.  Buying too early leaves some women at a stump by the last trimester as sometimes there is a greater weight gain than expected.  Planning, on the other hand, prepares you in knowing what and where you will buy your pieces when it comes time, without getting yourself all stressed out in the process.  Here is a list of items that you should consider planning for.  These are not just maternity essentials but wardrobe essentials that are fantastic starting points that can be built up.


1. Leggings:  Thick pant like quality leggings are the perfect item to wear with tunics.  Lighter weight leggings in opaque colors are fantastic to wear with a sexy short skirt or sweater dress; the perfect look for mommies who are pregnant during cold weather months.  Maternity leggings are more cost efficient than maternity pants and can easily take you through your full 9 months.  While maternity pants are great up until the start of your final trimester, leggings tend to continue to be comfortable bottom options well into the third trimester.  A worthwhile investment as you will find yourself living in them post baby!low rise


2. Neutral T-shirts:  A t-shirt in both black and white solid colors are definite essentials.  Basics are great, especially for layering, yet try to find T’s in these neutrals with a little bit of character.  A different style neckline, sleeve head or perhaps some pleats (ruching) at the sides to liven it up a little.


3. Sweater Wrap: Sweater wraps a wonderful addition to any woman’s wardrobe, especially in the spring or fall when the weather can be a little temperamental.  These amazing sweaters can be worn pre pregnancy, during the largest point in pregnancy and make wonderful after pregnancy items.  Investing in a good quality sweater wrap can be beneficial as it keeps you feeling fashionable throughout your pregnancy and serves well as a nursing cover afterward.  This makes your investment one that is good to go for at least 2 full years. Not bad!
4. Maternity Tunics: While maternity tops are great and a worthwhile investment for the first two trimesters and post pregnancy (for nursing), tunics go a little bit further.  The added length and room in the middle accommodate your growing belly and back side creep ups are practically non-existent.  You may pay more for a tunic than a maternity top but less for leggings (than maternity pants).  The trade off is that a Tunic with Leggings will have a longer possibility of wear ability!

5. Black stretch pants: This is a necessity, especially for those ladies in the office. Your maternity pant doesn’t have to be black; you can choose another neutral based color like gray, brown or navy blue, depending on your taste.  Find yourself a good fitting pair and expect that you will begin to wear this mid first trimester and well into mid-third trimester.  Should you gain a little more than expected, these pants may not take you to the very end.  Understand that you will get continues use out of them post baby.


6. A Little Black Maternity dress.  The little black dress goes a long way for everyone, including pregnant mommas!  This little number can be dressed up and down with the right choice of accessories. Although, going for the ultra basic black dress is something that most women will do so as to “stay safe”, try something bold and go for one that has a little bit of flare.  Are you tiny on top?  Try a cute little a-line strapless style.  Do you have a full chest with a great pair of lady legs?  How about a V-Neck , ruched number with a short hemline?  Whatever you choose, have fun!

7. The proper undergarments:  Breasts tend to enlarge quite quickly in early pregnancy.  Investing in a good, natural fitting bra is important.  Maternity bras are not necessary at the very beginning; however, plan to buy some in your second trimester.  If you are planning on nursing, then buying maternity bras will be the best option as these are made to make nursing easier with special clip up cups.

Maternity panties are another investment that you should make, yet later on when you have a fuller tummy to accommodate.  This is an item that you will be buying for a short time use so you should be find with 3-4 pairs that you can wash often.
8. Maternity Jeans:  Jeans are a part of women’s wardrobe before pregnancy, so they need to remain part of a women’s wardrobe during pregnancy!  Begin researching that perfect pair when you find out about your upcoming event!  Yet plan to buy to wear as of your 12-16th week if you wish to have the most wear out of your lovely blues!  As that beloved pair of black maternity stretch pants, these babies may not be the most comfortable option the last two weeks of pregnancy, so don’t be discouraged.

Jeans for mommy from MaliMoo Baby!

Jeans for mommy from MaliMoo Baby!

9. A sweat suit:  Ok so the term Sweat suit doesn’t sound so sexy, but a cuter than cute front zip hoody and a sexy pair of yoga pants will come a long way.  These are perfect items to kick out around the house at night and will take you very far!  W worthwhile investment!


10. Accessories: You can never have enough accessories!  These nifty items can be worn well after your pregnancy!  They can make the same dress look different in so many ways.  Splurge in this area as these are items you will hold on to for a long time!  Shoes and sandals also fall under this category.  For moms who are in their third trimester during the hot summer months, cute and inexpensive flip flop thong shoes are a great way to snazzy up any outfit. These types of little shoes come in such vibrant and funky colors with flowers and other types of decorative trims.


Bottom line is to have fun!  Maternity time is the perfect time to buy that crazy fashion item for the season!  Enjoy your special time and more importantly enjoy making yourself look and feel fantastic!

Visit The MaliMoo Baby online maternity store for some inspiring maternity wear ideas!




MaliMoo Baby Essentials to take to the hospital!

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That very first trip is the most important one!  MaliMoo Baby has a nice selection of products to choose from.

These items are also very popular items chosen in our Baby Registry!

The perfect  4 to take with you to the hospital for your very special day!


The Sexy Diaper Bag!


New to the MaliMoo Baby Boutique this month and also available in Canada, The new Sophia Diaper bag is a sure winner with its 4 VERY DISTINCT colours!


The Sexy Delivery Gown!


Baby registries help confused guests by helping them pick out a gift they know the surprised mama has asked for!  People are getting sick and tired of wearing used baby blue hospital gowns and want to bring baby into the world with a little more style!  MaliMoo Baby Maternity carries the full line of Pretty Pushers!


Bamboo Baby Swaddling blankets!


Babies love to be warm!  MaliMoo Baby carries lovely BamBoo Baby swaddling blankets!  Comes in packs of 3.

Bamboo owl

A Cute and comfortable nursing bra!

For mom’s wanting to nurse,  a comfortable and easy to wear nursing bra is essential!

Cotton Candy-top

I-Dream-of-Cosmos Pretty Pusher comes to MaliMoo Baby!

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New to MaliMoo Baby this season is the I-Dream-of-Cosmos Pretty Pusher!  White and Black deliciousness with scrumptious cosmos for you to dream about!

MaliMoo Baby has got to be the biggest fan of the Pretty Pusher delivery gown.  This uber fashionable and sexy delivery gown is the most innovative delivery gown on the market today.  Created by Mary Apple, this disposable delivery gown is just what the doctor ordered.

Made to make all those sexy mamas look their best on the most important day their life, this delicious slice of sexiness is just perfect.  Open in all the right places so that medical professionals have access to do their job, all those mammas need to do is focus on their labor and looking fantastic.

This has got to be my favorite one yet! Check out the  I-Dream-of-Cosmos Pretty Pusher at MaliMoo Baby!


Welcoming new baby with a name!

Spirituality is a very big part of many people’s lives.  When a New baby is welcomed into the world, many people opt for a celebration whether religious or spiritual so as to introduce their little one.  Terms used for these celebrations vary from Baptism to Christening to Bris.  For some families, these celebrations are large family events requiring intense planning. and has started to include specialty items for these events in the BABY BOUTIQUE category.  As family traditions vary and so do the individual tastes of parents, MaliMooBaby has a large variety from simple cotton to dupioni silks.


Several items will be added daily beginning today until the end of June.

Be certain to check stock day to day in order to assure that you have seen all the beautiful items offered in the Baby Boutique! - Victorian Lace Heirloom Christening GownDPG15G- Silk Dupioni Bubble GownDPB10G - Silk Dupioni Convertible GownWP11CS - Boys Coverall with Captain Hat


Pretty Pushers a MaliMooBaby Favorite!

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The moment I found Pretty Pushers, I fell in love.  I wish they would have been around 10 (ahem) years ago when I gave birth to my beautiful baby.  If anyone would have paraded around in one of those sexy mommy-to-be get ups, it sure would have been me!  I really believe in these wonderful and sexy delivery gowns.  Why?  Labour day is not only the day you want to remember, but with all of that huffing and puffing, the  last thing you think about is looking your best.  You feel  all blah, in full bloat, screaming in agony, so why bother?

I know that if I would have had the option of at least thinking I looked great (and I know I would have in the I Dream Of Sushi as that’s my personal favorite), looking at my just after baby pictures would be much more fun!





Bold and beautiful celebrity style baby nurseries

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When tradition is something coveted but the typical pastel pink and blue are far from what you crave, how about bold and beautiful!  MaliMoobaby would like to introduce two luxury baby bedding sets to give you just that: Tradition with a twist.

MaliMoo Baby introduces the Luxury baby boy bedding –GABE by Caden Lane

The Boutique Collection by Caden lane features GABE, a striking baby boy bedding set in a combination of stripes, plaids and star prints in bold blues, browns and green.  Slightly vintage in feel and bringing back some color combinations of the 70’s, this luxury baby bedding set has a traditional feel with a funky twist.

Decorating Ideas with “GABE

  • Try painting the room a pale pastel blue so as to keep the bold stripes of “GABE” as the main focus.
  • Paint the moldings a vibrant royal blue.  Often doing the unexpected, like painting the moldings darker is a fun twist to tradition.
  • Paint circles on the wall in Blue, brown and green replicating the little circles from the print.
  • This is the perfect bedding set to use a teddy bear theme.  Add some old fashioned brown teddy bears fashioned with bright green ribbons around their neck.


MaliMoo Baby introduces the Classic baby girl bedding – AVERY by Caden Lane

Modern and Bold, the AVERY baby bedding set is part of the Classic Collections by Caden lane.  Its bold and beautiful style outsmarts the traditional primary colours with its whimsical dots and outrageous stripes!

Decorating Ideas with “AVERY

  • Try painting the room a chartreuse green.  Lite and simple, this colour gives the refreshing twist of lime yet more subtle.
  • Paint the moldings a soft sand color.  Bring in the traditional colours in a non conventional way!
  • Buy a vintage dresser and paint it paprika red.
  • Little girls always need a pretty mirror.  Try to find a vintage mirror and paint it in a true aqua blue.  Against the pale chartreuse wall and atop the paprika colored dresser, imagine how fun.

Traveling with baby – Travel Mate

Traveling on board with baby couldn’t be easier with Gogo kidz travelmate.  This nifty little item is fantastic to take along when traveling by air!

Carrying your heavy car seat through the airport is over. Now your baby and car seat can be wheeled at the same time!  The Gogo Kidz Travel mate is easily mounted and allows one hand to be free to hold your passports, dig in your bag for baby’s snacks or hold on to baby’s toys!  This amazing little contraption weighs merely 5 pounds and tucks up nicely to store in the overhead compartment.



Buy the Gogo Kidz Travelmate from MaliMoo Baby CANADA

Buy the Gogo Kidz Travelmate from MaliMoo Baby USA


Traveling with baby – The Buggy Bagg Elite!

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MaliMooBaby CANADA has some very interesting traveling items for baby!

New to the Canadian site this week is the Buggy Bagg EliteThe perfect item to help in keeping baby’s shopping spree as germ-free as possible.  Although avoiding germs completely is a mere fantasy for most mom’s, using a Buggy Bagg Elite can at least cover the most common places baby will set their little fingers (and mouths)!

Buggy Bagg Elite is also available in the (US) store!  Click HERE to buy in the US.

Bugg Baggs are easy to transport and easy to use!

Buggy Bagg Elite

Formal Wear For Baby

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MaliMooBaby introduces some cute little numbers for spring and summer weddings!

Baby has to be looking fancy too!

This week’s buzz is about FANCY BABY!

Enjoy 15% off all baby formal wear!

Pretty little Easter outfits for girls!

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I remember the fuss my grandmother would make over my sister and myself at Easter.  We each received a brand new outfit with matching shoes and bonnets.  Although my sister and I were three years apart, my grandmother made a point of having us in matching dresses.  I have dark hair and a darker complexion so my grandmother found it fitting to put me in the blue shades while my sister (the blond with blue eyes) was dressed in pink.

I chose these little collections to feature in MaliMoo Baby this Easter because they reflect three very sweet Easter colors: Pink, lilac and green.  The perfect little Easter dresses with loads of texture.  I love texture.  The 3D like flowers in the Emma Rose and Lime Tart collections are just the perfect touch to give these dresses the drama they deserve.  The styles themselves are simple, light and comfortable all while not sacrificing originality or style.

Pretty in pink in EMMA ROSE. has chosen to feature two little styles from this collection with an optional matching headband: The dress in toddler sizes and the two piece set in baby sizes.


For mom’s wanting something a little different than Pink, there’s LILAC BLOOM.  A cute little lilac jumper with lacey bloomers.  Optional headband.


Another adorable color and style is the LIME TART, a cute little jumper with a raised floral pattern.  Comes with an optional headband.


Pre-Order your Easter outfits and enjoy 10% off!  Ready to ship Approx. March 20th.