Great FInds

Once in awhile I try to find new items that can benefit a mom’s way of life.

Sometimes it’s something relatively simple and straightforward.

I decided to give The Snugg IPad Case a try and see how this adorable tablet case can benefit my daily life as a mom.

The first tough decision was which color to choose.

This nifty cover comes in Black, Distressed brown, White, Red, Pink, Orange,  Electric Blue and Baby Blue.




I chose red just because.  I would have gone with the pink or the baby blue however I share my IPad with my husband and I didn’t want to rock to boat!

The colors are fantastic, nice and bright or clean and conservative: Something for everyone.

The case is a bit bulkier  than what I am accustomed to with my previous face cover, however that in itself can serve a more positive purpose in the end.

Having children who often play on your IPad is one of those purposes.  It almost has an otterbox type of protection with the well covered corners!

I wouldn’t purposely throw it out a second floor window, but I can definitely see the benefits should it fall off a table.

The Snugg is definitely multifunctional and user friendly in that it accommodates a whole lot of possibilities.

Just having moved 3000 kilometers away from home, facetime has become one our IPad’s key uses.

This is another area in which The Snugg’s sturdiness comes into play.

There is nothing more annoying than being completely exhausted and having to hold your IPad up to your face to talk to your mother.

Or having that flimsy magnetic face cover collapse ever so often.

The sturdy case stands up with no problems, propped onto a table or desktop.

This is also a HUGE added bonus when you are in the kitchen trying out new online recipes!


I own an e-reader and as well as do lots of reading on my IPad.  The next feature is just plain awesome for you ladies who like to read while you relax in a steamy hot bubble bath, your time away from hubby and screeching kids.

Now I’m not encouraging people to take their costly tablets over a hot tub of water and I’m definitely not promoting that this case is waterproof (lol) but the hand hold feature is something worth writing about.  I did try it and a I like it!  I can also see how this can come in handy for those mom’s who need a free hand to pull down climbing kids, wipe snotty noses and fix their hair and make-up.



The price point is also a definite plus as it is less expensive than the name brand IPad covers available today.


This makes a great teacher gift or gift for your office gift exchange as this is something anyone would appreciate.

I’m going to pick up a few Snugg IPad Cases as gifts this year!