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I-Dream-of-Cosmos Pretty Pusher comes to MaliMoo Baby!

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New to MaliMoo Baby this season is the I-Dream-of-Cosmos Pretty Pusher!  White and Black deliciousness with scrumptious cosmos for you to dream about!

MaliMoo Baby has got to be the biggest fan of the Pretty Pusher delivery gown.  This uber fashionable and sexy delivery gown is the most innovative delivery gown on the market today.  Created by Mary Apple, this disposable delivery gown is just what the doctor ordered.

Made to make all those sexy mamas look their best on the most important day their life, this delicious slice of sexiness is just perfect.  Open in all the right places so that medical professionals have access to do their job, all those mammas need to do is focus on their labor and looking fantastic.

This has got to be my favorite one yet! Check out the  I-Dream-of-Cosmos Pretty Pusher at MaliMoo Baby!


Send Out Cards, Keeping in touch with those that matter

Last year a friend of mine sent me a wonderful personalized card with a gift.  I was seriously touched and impressed with the thoughtfulness.

The act of sending cards has dwindled substantially that people tend to forget how beautiful it feels to be thought of and to receive a beautiful card in the mailbox.

Shortly after this wonderful experience, she let me in on a little secret; the company Send Out Cards. I was completely intrigued by it and found it to be one of the most beautiful thought out concepts in a very long time.

Being a very busy mother with lots to do, I often felt badly about not sending thank-you notes on time or unintentionally missing people’s birthdays or anniversaries.  The concept of Send Out Cards seemed a rational solution to this little issue I was having with properly making the special people in my life feel good.  So I signed on.

Initially, it’s a little bit of work as you need to enter all of your loved ones into the system, but once all of their information is implemented, Send Out Cards sends you reminder emails prior to every birthday or other event so that you can move ahead and send your card.

The neat thing with this process is that although they have hundreds (probably thousands) of card selections for various events (including different languages) you can customize these cards in so many ways.  There are many little formats so that you may implement your own photos, clip art types of things, various fonts including the option of having your own handwriting made into a font.  But the best part of it is that you never have to touch, address or stamp the card yourself.  Once you put the card through, Send Out Cards prints your customized card, stamps it and mails it for youSend Out Cards even takes the time to affix postage from your home country.  So if you are Canadian, your recipient will receive a Canadian stamped card with your return address.

The fun doesn’t stop there!  Cards come in post card formats, folded, three fold and super big!  There is also the option of including gifts!  Gifts vary from baked goods to gift certificates.

Most people question cost.  How expensive is it to send a card?  Most cards fall under a dollar plus postage.  That in itself, with not having to print labels or get writers cramp during Christmas is worth it.  Also, each individual card can be personalized.  So if you want to use different photos, card styles, customize your message then you can without having to buy cards in bulk.

Send Out Cards is a fantastic option for people who own businesses.  Especially those who work in fields that are highly visual or artistic.  Many realtors use this service as it allows them to personalize their  thank-you notes to their clients by sending cards with a photo of their clients home.  Or artists who have designed custom work for their clients will extend a thank you by sending them a personalized card with a photo of their  artwork.    There are many ways that this service can benefit many people.

Just think about Christmas cards, Birthday cards, Thank-You cards after a major event such as a milestone birthday or just a simple hello to a friend that you haven’t spoken to in awhile.  Any reason to reach out and connect with those that matter in your life is worth the expression and beautiful feeling a card can make.


Feel free to send a card and see how you like it!  SEND A CARD NOW


Growing up Geeky Toddle along Tuesday

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I just love Melissa’s blog Growing up Geeky because it’s one of the most “real” blogs I’ve come across.  I couldn’t help myself with this week’s toddle along Tuesday.  Although my baby is far from a toddler, he’s still a baby in my heart.  I can’t help but share photos of my gorgeous son and adorable furry daughter.  Here they are:



Shops of Fabulous!

Online shopping has been HUGE in the US for quite awhile now leaving the bulk of Canadian women sitting in awe; Kind of like a kid standing in front of a candy store (but not being allowed in).

The whole online thing for many Canadians is a big blurb and kind of confusing.  Many Canadians are naturally cautious and not that apt to trying new online stores or places to shop without much reflection or research.

Along comes Jaimie, an online marketing guru, who after spending several years in Amsterdam working in online marketing with an emphasis on e commerce, has launched a Canadian retailer based site called Shops of Fabulous.

After coming home to Canada, she realized that online shopping wasn’t as fabulous!  She began to discover many online shops that focused on the Canadian consumer.

Shops of Fabulous is a nice little place where Canadian shoppers can discover online shopping in a divine inspirational kind of way!

Not only is Jaimie inspiring, she literally spoon feeds her visitors by outlining all the features each online retailer has to offer.  Mainly the gritty stuff like shipping policies, return policies and all the lovely things that make most people shy away from the online shopping experience.
She is all for helping people find that win-win solution so that they may benefit from the convenience and fun online shopping has to give.

This is truly the work of a fashionista with a mission!

Visit Shops of Fabulous for your awe inspiring introduction to Canada’s best online shops in one place!

Welcoming new baby with a name!

Spirituality is a very big part of many people’s lives.  When a New baby is welcomed into the world, many people opt for a celebration whether religious or spiritual so as to introduce their little one.  Terms used for these celebrations vary from Baptism to Christening to Bris.  For some families, these celebrations are large family events requiring intense planning. and has started to include specialty items for these events in the BABY BOUTIQUE category.  As family traditions vary and so do the individual tastes of parents, MaliMooBaby has a large variety from simple cotton to dupioni silks.


Several items will be added daily beginning today until the end of June.

Be certain to check stock day to day in order to assure that you have seen all the beautiful items offered in the Baby Boutique! - Victorian Lace Heirloom Christening GownDPG15G- Silk Dupioni Bubble GownDPB10G - Silk Dupioni Convertible GownWP11CS - Boys Coverall with Captain Hat


Pretty Pushers a MaliMooBaby Favorite!

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The moment I found Pretty Pushers, I fell in love.  I wish they would have been around 10 (ahem) years ago when I gave birth to my beautiful baby.  If anyone would have paraded around in one of those sexy mommy-to-be get ups, it sure would have been me!  I really believe in these wonderful and sexy delivery gowns.  Why?  Labour day is not only the day you want to remember, but with all of that huffing and puffing, the  last thing you think about is looking your best.  You feel  all blah, in full bloat, screaming in agony, so why bother?

I know that if I would have had the option of at least thinking I looked great (and I know I would have in the I Dream Of Sushi as that’s my personal favorite), looking at my just after baby pictures would be much more fun!





NEW IKAT celebrity style baby nurseries By Caden Lane

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Caden lane is known for their bold print combinations.  Their new IKAT Collection continues in their trademark style of bold and beautiful.  The New IKAT, offered in Pink and Blue combinations, still maintains the element of traditional baby; however, with a charm and originality that surpasses any traditional pink or blue theme.  The modern diamond, chevron and mod patterns are fresh and new.


MaliMoo Baby introduces the Luxury baby girl bedding – RYLEIGHby Caden Lane

MaliMoo Baby introduces the Luxury baby boy bedding – GAGE by Caden Lane


MaliMoo Baby introduces the Luxury baby girl bedding – LILA by Caden Lane

MaliMoo Baby introduces the Luxury baby boy bedding – ASHER  by Caden Lane


Bold and beautiful celebrity style baby nurseries

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When tradition is something coveted but the typical pastel pink and blue are far from what you crave, how about bold and beautiful!  MaliMoobaby would like to introduce two luxury baby bedding sets to give you just that: Tradition with a twist.

MaliMoo Baby introduces the Luxury baby boy bedding –GABE by Caden Lane

The Boutique Collection by Caden lane features GABE, a striking baby boy bedding set in a combination of stripes, plaids and star prints in bold blues, browns and green.  Slightly vintage in feel and bringing back some color combinations of the 70’s, this luxury baby bedding set has a traditional feel with a funky twist.

Decorating Ideas with “GABE

  • Try painting the room a pale pastel blue so as to keep the bold stripes of “GABE” as the main focus.
  • Paint the moldings a vibrant royal blue.  Often doing the unexpected, like painting the moldings darker is a fun twist to tradition.
  • Paint circles on the wall in Blue, brown and green replicating the little circles from the print.
  • This is the perfect bedding set to use a teddy bear theme.  Add some old fashioned brown teddy bears fashioned with bright green ribbons around their neck.


MaliMoo Baby introduces the Classic baby girl bedding – AVERY by Caden Lane

Modern and Bold, the AVERY baby bedding set is part of the Classic Collections by Caden lane.  Its bold and beautiful style outsmarts the traditional primary colours with its whimsical dots and outrageous stripes!

Decorating Ideas with “AVERY

  • Try painting the room a chartreuse green.  Lite and simple, this colour gives the refreshing twist of lime yet more subtle.
  • Paint the moldings a soft sand color.  Bring in the traditional colours in a non conventional way!
  • Buy a vintage dresser and paint it paprika red.
  • Little girls always need a pretty mirror.  Try to find a vintage mirror and paint it in a true aqua blue.  Against the pale chartreuse wall and atop the paprika colored dresser, imagine how fun.

Traveling with baby – Travel Mate

Traveling on board with baby couldn’t be easier with Gogo kidz travelmate.  This nifty little item is fantastic to take along when traveling by air!

Carrying your heavy car seat through the airport is over. Now your baby and car seat can be wheeled at the same time!  The Gogo Kidz Travel mate is easily mounted and allows one hand to be free to hold your passports, dig in your bag for baby’s snacks or hold on to baby’s toys!  This amazing little contraption weighs merely 5 pounds and tucks up nicely to store in the overhead compartment.



Buy the Gogo Kidz Travelmate from MaliMoo Baby CANADA

Buy the Gogo Kidz Travelmate from MaliMoo Baby USA


Traveling with baby – The Buggy Bagg Elite!

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MaliMooBaby CANADA has some very interesting traveling items for baby!

New to the Canadian site this week is the Buggy Bagg EliteThe perfect item to help in keeping baby’s shopping spree as germ-free as possible.  Although avoiding germs completely is a mere fantasy for most mom’s, using a Buggy Bagg Elite can at least cover the most common places baby will set their little fingers (and mouths)!

Buggy Bagg Elite is also available in the (US) store!  Click HERE to buy in the US.

Bugg Baggs are easy to transport and easy to use!

Buggy Bagg Elite