Top 10 Maternity Essentials

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Being pregnant doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor where dressing is concerned.  If you know how to build your basic wardrobe by buying a few well chosen quality pieces, you should be fine through most of your pregnancy.  The key is to plan early, not necessarily buy early.  Buying too early leaves some women at a stump by the last trimester as sometimes there is a greater weight gain than expected.  Planning, on the other hand, prepares you in knowing what and where you will buy your pieces when it comes time, without getting yourself all stressed out in the process.  Here is a list of items that you should consider planning for.  These are not just maternity essentials but wardrobe essentials that are fantastic starting points that can be built up.


1. Leggings:  Thick pant like quality leggings are the perfect item to wear with tunics.  Lighter weight leggings in opaque colors are fantastic to wear with a sexy short skirt or sweater dress; the perfect look for mommies who are pregnant during cold weather months.  Maternity leggings are more cost efficient than maternity pants and can easily take you through your full 9 months.  While maternity pants are great up until the start of your final trimester, leggings tend to continue to be comfortable bottom options well into the third trimester.  A worthwhile investment as you will find yourself living in them post baby!low rise


2. Neutral T-shirts:  A t-shirt in both black and white solid colors are definite essentials.  Basics are great, especially for layering, yet try to find T’s in these neutrals with a little bit of character.  A different style neckline, sleeve head or perhaps some pleats (ruching) at the sides to liven it up a little.


3. Sweater Wrap: Sweater wraps a wonderful addition to any woman’s wardrobe, especially in the spring or fall when the weather can be a little temperamental.  These amazing sweaters can be worn pre pregnancy, during the largest point in pregnancy and make wonderful after pregnancy items.  Investing in a good quality sweater wrap can be beneficial as it keeps you feeling fashionable throughout your pregnancy and serves well as a nursing cover afterward.  This makes your investment one that is good to go for at least 2 full years. Not bad!
4. Maternity Tunics: While maternity tops are great and a worthwhile investment for the first two trimesters and post pregnancy (for nursing), tunics go a little bit further.  The added length and room in the middle accommodate your growing belly and back side creep ups are practically non-existent.  You may pay more for a tunic than a maternity top but less for leggings (than maternity pants).  The trade off is that a Tunic with Leggings will have a longer possibility of wear ability!

5. Black stretch pants: This is a necessity, especially for those ladies in the office. Your maternity pant doesn’t have to be black; you can choose another neutral based color like gray, brown or navy blue, depending on your taste.  Find yourself a good fitting pair and expect that you will begin to wear this mid first trimester and well into mid-third trimester.  Should you gain a little more than expected, these pants may not take you to the very end.  Understand that you will get continues use out of them post baby.


6. A Little Black Maternity dress.  The little black dress goes a long way for everyone, including pregnant mommas!  This little number can be dressed up and down with the right choice of accessories. Although, going for the ultra basic black dress is something that most women will do so as to “stay safe”, try something bold and go for one that has a little bit of flare.  Are you tiny on top?  Try a cute little a-line strapless style.  Do you have a full chest with a great pair of lady legs?  How about a V-Neck , ruched number with a short hemline?  Whatever you choose, have fun!

7. The proper undergarments:  Breasts tend to enlarge quite quickly in early pregnancy.  Investing in a good, natural fitting bra is important.  Maternity bras are not necessary at the very beginning; however, plan to buy some in your second trimester.  If you are planning on nursing, then buying maternity bras will be the best option as these are made to make nursing easier with special clip up cups.

Maternity panties are another investment that you should make, yet later on when you have a fuller tummy to accommodate.  This is an item that you will be buying for a short time use so you should be find with 3-4 pairs that you can wash often.
8. Maternity Jeans:  Jeans are a part of women’s wardrobe before pregnancy, so they need to remain part of a women’s wardrobe during pregnancy!  Begin researching that perfect pair when you find out about your upcoming event!  Yet plan to buy to wear as of your 12-16th week if you wish to have the most wear out of your lovely blues!  As that beloved pair of black maternity stretch pants, these babies may not be the most comfortable option the last two weeks of pregnancy, so don’t be discouraged.

Jeans for mommy from MaliMoo Baby!

Jeans for mommy from MaliMoo Baby!

9. A sweat suit:  Ok so the term Sweat suit doesn’t sound so sexy, but a cuter than cute front zip hoody and a sexy pair of yoga pants will come a long way.  These are perfect items to kick out around the house at night and will take you very far!  W worthwhile investment!


10. Accessories: You can never have enough accessories!  These nifty items can be worn well after your pregnancy!  They can make the same dress look different in so many ways.  Splurge in this area as these are items you will hold on to for a long time!  Shoes and sandals also fall under this category.  For moms who are in their third trimester during the hot summer months, cute and inexpensive flip flop thong shoes are a great way to snazzy up any outfit. These types of little shoes come in such vibrant and funky colors with flowers and other types of decorative trims.


Bottom line is to have fun!  Maternity time is the perfect time to buy that crazy fashion item for the season!  Enjoy your special time and more importantly enjoy making yourself look and feel fantastic!

Visit The MaliMoo Baby online maternity store for some inspiring maternity wear ideas!




Feeling nauseous? 5 things you can do.

Being pregnant is a beautiful time in a woman’s life yet there are those fated days where we feel just a little bit less than beautiful.  When these moments hit, we often forget about the simple things that can make a difference in the way we feel about ourselves.  The absolute worst feeling is the overwhelming nausea that hits many women in the beginning of pregnancy.  I was cursed with 4 solid months of 24 hour nausea that could only be relieved with ginger.  Unfortunately it would only holdout for half an hour at a time, but any relief was welcome.

Here are a few things that can make you feel more awake and look less green on those nauseous days.  I can’t guarantee that you will feel any less disgusting, but I can at least assure that no one will really notice (I hope)!


1. A quick splash with Ice water.  I’m guessing that this isn’t what you were expecting to see as the first thing on this list, but you will be surprised at what a nice ice filled bowl can do!  Fill a nice bowl with ice and water, submerge your freshly washed face into it for several seconds.  Repeat a minimum of 5 times.  Ok now tell me how quickly you forgot how bad your day was going?  Maybe this even shocked you out of your nausea for just a split second?  Your cheeks are now blushing with color I’m sure!

2. Moisturize and make-up.  Now that your face is a glow, how about slathering on some moisturizer and mascara on to that fresh face?  Add a dab of lip gloss.  Aren’t you feeling much better already?  Try finding scent-free options for this time in your pregnancy as many women abhor smells!

3. Hair.  Yes hair is a kind of extra special topic when you’re pregnant.  All kinds of funky things happen to it.  It can become more dry, or oily.  It can begin falling out or may actually become the crowning glory you always dreamed of!  Tying it back in a knot day to day won’t make you feel any sexier.  Do something different.  Invest in some colorful hair clips or bands.  Take 5 minutes to pull a curler or straightener through it.  I’m sure you can survive 5 minutes without throwing up!  I hope?
4. Add some color close to your face.  Nothing says awake or alive like the right color.  IF you know what color makes you shine on the drabbest day, wear it.  And wear it often!  Whether a top or scarf, even a piece of jewelry, nothing does it better than some sexy color close to your face.  IF you’re feeling extra sick, go for some vicious prints.  People will be so drawn to the excitement of your blouse that they won’t notice how green you really look!
5. Last but not least, invest in some candied ginger.  For those of you who aren’t fans, consider it a short term thing and give it a shot.  Candied ginger is much less spicy than natural ginger and coated with sweetness.  Not to sound gross here either, but for those of you ladies who can’t get much of a toothbrush close to your teeth or have issues with real vomiting, having candied ginger to snack on goes a long way in more ways than one!


Good luck and may your natural glow take over your nauseous green complexion sooner than later!

MaliMoo Baby Essentials to take to the hospital!

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That very first trip is the most important one!  MaliMoo Baby has a nice selection of products to choose from.

These items are also very popular items chosen in our Baby Registry!

The perfect  4 to take with you to the hospital for your very special day!


The Sexy Diaper Bag!


New to the MaliMoo Baby Boutique this month and also available in Canada, The new Sophia Diaper bag is a sure winner with its 4 VERY DISTINCT colours!


The Sexy Delivery Gown!


Baby registries help confused guests by helping them pick out a gift they know the surprised mama has asked for!  People are getting sick and tired of wearing used baby blue hospital gowns and want to bring baby into the world with a little more style!  MaliMoo Baby Maternity carries the full line of Pretty Pushers!


Bamboo Baby Swaddling blankets!


Babies love to be warm!  MaliMoo Baby carries lovely BamBoo Baby swaddling blankets!  Comes in packs of 3.

Bamboo owl

A Cute and comfortable nursing bra!

For mom’s wanting to nurse,  a comfortable and easy to wear nursing bra is essential!

Cotton Candy-top

I-Dream-of-Cosmos Pretty Pusher comes to MaliMoo Baby!

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New to MaliMoo Baby this season is the I-Dream-of-Cosmos Pretty Pusher!  White and Black deliciousness with scrumptious cosmos for you to dream about!

MaliMoo Baby has got to be the biggest fan of the Pretty Pusher delivery gown.  This uber fashionable and sexy delivery gown is the most innovative delivery gown on the market today.  Created by Mary Apple, this disposable delivery gown is just what the doctor ordered.

Made to make all those sexy mamas look their best on the most important day their life, this delicious slice of sexiness is just perfect.  Open in all the right places so that medical professionals have access to do their job, all those mammas need to do is focus on their labor and looking fantastic.

This has got to be my favorite one yet! Check out the  I-Dream-of-Cosmos Pretty Pusher at MaliMoo Baby!


Once in awhile I try to find new items that can benefit a mom’s way of life.

Sometimes it’s something relatively simple and straightforward.

I decided to give The Snugg IPad Case a try and see how this adorable tablet case can benefit my daily life as a mom.

The first tough decision was which color to choose.

This nifty cover comes in Black, Distressed brown, White, Red, Pink, Orange,  Electric Blue and Baby Blue.




I chose red just because.  I would have gone with the pink or the baby blue however I share my IPad with my husband and I didn’t want to rock to boat!

The colors are fantastic, nice and bright or clean and conservative: Something for everyone.

The case is a bit bulkier  than what I am accustomed to with my previous face cover, however that in itself can serve a more positive purpose in the end.

Having children who often play on your IPad is one of those purposes.  It almost has an otterbox type of protection with the well covered corners!

I wouldn’t purposely throw it out a second floor window, but I can definitely see the benefits should it fall off a table.

The Snugg is definitely multifunctional and user friendly in that it accommodates a whole lot of possibilities.

Just having moved 3000 kilometers away from home, facetime has become one our IPad’s key uses.

This is another area in which The Snugg’s sturdiness comes into play.

There is nothing more annoying than being completely exhausted and having to hold your IPad up to your face to talk to your mother.

Or having that flimsy magnetic face cover collapse ever so often.

The sturdy case stands up with no problems, propped onto a table or desktop.

This is also a HUGE added bonus when you are in the kitchen trying out new online recipes!


I own an e-reader and as well as do lots of reading on my IPad.  The next feature is just plain awesome for you ladies who like to read while you relax in a steamy hot bubble bath, your time away from hubby and screeching kids.

Now I’m not encouraging people to take their costly tablets over a hot tub of water and I’m definitely not promoting that this case is waterproof (lol) but the hand hold feature is something worth writing about.  I did try it and a I like it!  I can also see how this can come in handy for those mom’s who need a free hand to pull down climbing kids, wipe snotty noses and fix their hair and make-up.



The price point is also a definite plus as it is less expensive than the name brand IPad covers available today.


This makes a great teacher gift or gift for your office gift exchange as this is something anyone would appreciate.

I’m going to pick up a few Snugg IPad Cases as gifts this year!


























Do You Have a “Helper”? Kitchen Safety Tips for Toddlers

This week’s guest  blogger is Michelle Rebecca.

Michelle is an aspiring writer with a passion for blogging. She enjoys writing about a vast variety of topics and loves that blogging gives her the opportunity to publicly voice her thoughts and share advice with an unlimited audience.

With the upcoming holiday season, baking is a wonderful past-time for parents to share some quality time with their children.  Michelle outlines some very important tips to help when sharing your kitchen with your little cooks.  ENJOY!


Do You Have a “Helper”? Kitchen Safety Tips for Toddlers

The kitchen is a draw for any toddler, regardless of gender. It’s a place of interesting objects, strange sounds, and exciting smells. If your little one likes to “help” you cook meals and desserts, that’s great. Just make sure you follow some basic safety rules so no one gets hurt.


Don’t Leave the Child Alone in the Kitchen

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. In the time it takes you to answer the telephone in another room, speak to a visitor at the front door, or even go to the bathroom, a young child can upend a pot of boiling water, run a finger over the sharp part of a knife, or decide to take a taste of the oven cleaner you keep under the sink. If you need to leave the kitchen for any reason while cooking, take your child with you.


Have Your Child Wear Short Sleeves

Long sleeves are easy to dip into hot oil, and they may catch fire if your child reaches for something at the back of a gas stove. Short sleeves are the safest option for the child. By the same token, if your child has long hair, tie it back behind his or her ears before going into the kitchen.


Practice Good Hygiene

Make sure you and your child wash your hands or use an antibacterial solution before you go from working on one piece of food to working on another. This lessens the risk of cross-contamination, and teaches your child important habits that will be useful throughout his or her life.

Watch Out for Handles on the Stove

If you’re cooking something in a pot or a pan on the stove, make sure the handle faces back towards the wall and not out into the kitchen. A child may be tempted to pull on a handle that points out, and in doing so, he or she may upset a pan of hot grease or water.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

If you spill something, stop what you are doing and clean it up immediately. Explain to your child that spills can make the floor slippery and increase the risk of slips and falls.

Pick Age-Appropriate Tasks

A 3-year-old is probably too young to peel potatoes or stir a hot pan of corn, but he or she might be able to shell peas or to help decorate cookies for dinner.

Use Safe Cookware

Some metal cookware products leach unhealthy chemicals into foods. Do your research and serve your meals on cookware that is safe for the entire family.

If your child is excited about helping in the kitchen, by all means encourage him or her. Just make sure you follow a few basic safety precautions to avoid unnecessary cuts, burns, and other injuries.



MaliMoo Baby CANADA will no longer be stocking and shipping most of our  MATERNITY WEAR from Canada anymore at this time.  This may change sometime in the near future.  Keeping stock in Canada is very costly at this time for us and we hope that our situation changes soon.  As a result, we have lowered our prices substantially for US warehouse shipped items: Most of our  MATERNITY WEAR that will now only ship from the US has been dropped in price anywhere from $15.00 to $80.00.

MATERNITY WEAR  that is shipped from Canada will be indicated in the product descriptions with SHIPS FROM CANADA.

The benefits are that the Canadian customer will have more maternity wear options available to them as we will provide more styles to choose from.  WE will also be at the liberty of offering you the same discounts and sales we offer our US customers.

The drawback is that we cannot cover customs or additional taxes incurred by shipment fees.   Many of our maternity clothing suppliers  MATERNITY WEAR is US made.  This proves beneficial as many are capable of providing documents to save customs, so some items may be custom free, however we cannot assure this.

Although our shipping fees ON OUR END are much higher to ship (to you) from the US, we will continue to keep the free shipping options after purchases of $150.00.  We feel that we owe you at least that much!

We are currently working on a program to provide you with a flat customs fees option at checkout.  We will let you know when that comes into effect.


Baby on board, what do I wear!? Step three: FINALISE!

You closet is cleaned out, you’ve made your lists of what you really want and what you think you will need.  Now it’s time to begin building that wardrobe!

Step three is about building your wardrobe from the bottom up.  You’ve gone through your existing closet and put away everything you won’t need.  You’ve also determined what phase you will be in per season and made your lists.  So here we go!

First trimester and post baby go hand in hand: People often worry about the longevity of their maternity clothing.  Buying items that are too large in the beginning in hopes that you will grow into them is a huge mistake. When buying your first trimester maternity items, make sure that they fit you now.  Begin with your Belly Bands, basic bottoms such as black pants, skirt or capris and versatile items like camisoles, T-shirts and sweaters.  Know that these items will serve you very well in the beginning and you will get most of their wear post-baby.  Yes, we’re now talking what you’ll be wearing once you are not pregnant anymore.  Buy good quality basics that are in your proper size as these will probably be the items you will get the most use of when you’re home being mommy to your new little bundle.

•    2nd trimester the first big boom:  Begin your 2nd trimester shopping alongside your trimester shopping.  Somewhere in the middle of your second trimester you’ll begin to wonder what happened!  Your belly will finally begin to look like a real baby bump. This is the trimester in which the golden stretch rule comes in.  Stop wearing current items you don’t want to ruin with stretching.  This is the time to start getting the most use out of your maternity tops and pants.

•    3rd trimester the final push:  You will be wearing what you’ve bought on a daily basis.  At this time in your pregnancy, some women can easily wear their initial maternity clothing.  Yet some other women may become victim to swelling and may need a larger size.  If you fall within the latter category, opt for true stretch items like a pair of basic pants and maybe one or two maternity tops in a larger size.  Take note that items bought specifically for this period in your pregnancy probably won’t serve you as long as the items you bought closer to your pre-pregnancy size.  Yet bear in mind that these items will be worn consistently and washed several times a week, so pay attention to fabric quality.

The key to success in looking great and wearing suitable maternity wear during your pregnancy is mere organization.  Take the time to properly go through your closet and remove the items you don’t need in order to assure that you can easily find and coordinate your new wardrobe.  Once that is done, build your new wardrobe from the basics up.  Don’t forget to pull out all of your bling from the hidden crevices of your drawers!

Happy organizing and shopping!
All the best to you and your new adventure!

Baby on board, what do I wear!? Step two: Plan your shopping

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Jeans for mommy from MaliMoo Baby!

Today is all about  making your lists.  Now back to evaluating your regular wardrobe before you go and start spending your hard earned money on maternity wear!

Step two is short and sweet today.  This step is all about planning your maternity shopping expedition.

In step one you learned about the different aspects of evaluating the clothing (specifically stretch items) that you currently have in your closet.  You  have organised, packed away all the items you won’t need during your pregnancy (or that no longer fit) in proper plastic bins and have pulled out all of your accessories from the woodwork.

Now you are ready to look at what how you can enhance what you do have and makes lists of what you don’t have or will need in the coming months.

Fancy the season: Start with making a list of the seasons you will be pregnant and an approximate stage you’ll be during each of these.
•    Maternity Bathing suit: To consider if you will be within your second or third trimester during the hottest summer months.
•    Maternity winter coat: To consider if you will be within your second or third trimester during the winter months.
•    Maternity business suit: To consider if you have a job that requires business attire.
•    Special events: Will you have any events like weddings or other special occasions that will require you to buy something a little formal?  Jot this down on your calendar and note what phase you expect be in during that time.

Make a working list: Create a working list of items you think you will need.
•    Determine if you will need any of the items listed in Fancy the season.  Jot these down.

•    Build some outfits based on what still fits you in your closet.   Are you still just squeezing into these things?  Are these items you have kept in your closet because you plan on wearing them out?  Do you feel that you can sustain these throughout the first trimester, possibly the second in your pregnancy?

•    Look at your lifestyle.  Now may not be the time to go with a whole new image overload especially with your body changing rapidly.  If you are accustomed to wearing jeans to work and on week-ends, consider planning to buy a few cute dresses for those showers or other weekend events you may have coming up.  But if you are a denim girl, you will want your denims when you are pregnant.  Research maternity jeans styles you may want to invest in.  On the flip-side, if you are a business woman and live in dresses or suits, then plan accordingly with your list items.  Again, work with your seasons and what stage of pregnancy you will be in.

•    Create your wish list.  Begin from the bottom up.  I say that because bottom pieces are what you will need least of and moving upwards (tops) you will want the most of!  Start adding things like pants, jeans, skirts and then move up to camisoles, t-shirts, dressy tops, bras and underwear etc.  Put an approximate number of how many pieces of each you feel you may need.  How often in one week do you currently wear your basic black pants?  Jeans, favorite T-Shirts?  Remember that you won’t be building in the same numbers as you have now.


Step Three will outline how to narrow your list and at what point in your pregnancy you should consider buying these items!

Until then, enjoy your wish list making and evaluating!

If you missed the first step click here to read step one!

Happy jotting!


Baby on board, what do I wear! Step one: How to evaluate what you have

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Beautiful Zara Maternity top

Beautiful Zara Maternity top

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life.  A time to reflect on all the lovely things you’ve done and all the things you aspire to do.  With the new blooming life in your belly, you’ll be filled with only happy thoughts until that fated day when the top button of your pants will no longer close. Uh-oh, the unwelcome fat days have come.  Rather than feeling depressed and filled with self-loathing about your body’s “discrepancies”, embrace these changes: Inside and out.

The most difficult task is shopping for a new wardrobe.  Add a body that has a mind of its own and the shopping experience has now become more of a nightmare than the week-end therapy it once was.

The trick to maternity wear shopping for both the body and the pocket book is to do it in steps.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting the three vital steps to evaluating your closet and how to organize yourself so that you maximize the use of your current clothing and dollars.

Today covers STEP ONE: Evaluate what you do have and how you can make what you own an asset in your new maternity wardrobe.  Invest in some large plastic bins to store your no longer fitting items while they wait for you to come back to your skinny body!

Here are some tips on how to determine what to keep and what to stash:

  • The sexy squeeze:  A sexy squeeze item is anything that you can still squeeze into and wear comfortably for at least a couple more weeks, including items that you can salvage with the use of a maternity band can be kept in the closet (for now).  Remove all clothing items that definitely do not fit anymore. Put these away in your store away bin.
  • Golden stretch rule: Some tops, dresses and sweaters made of stretchy fabrications and can be worn at the beginning of your pregnancy.  These items may even carry you through to the very end; But before you wear out your non-maternity stretch clothing, you’ll need to decide what you plan to wear out and what you plan to wear once you are back to the skinny you.  While it’s nice to wear what you have, you’ll need to remember that some stretch fabrics won’t recover after being stretched to new heights.  These types of items will generally be ruined due to lack of stretch recovery.  Therefore, the golden stretch rule is to keep items in your closet that are long enough, stretch enough and that you don’t mind wearing out.  Store away those precious stretch pieces you wish to spare from distorting with your new sexy body and want to wear again after baby is here.
  • Over and open: Button down shirts, jackets, blazers and other over pieces are hit or miss.  Some women enjoy the open jacket look or shirt blazer look.  If you have a few good over pieces that can be worn open for fashion sake, then by all means keep them in your closet.  Just remember that some items like these look ridiculous unless they are properly buttoned up.  So for those un-fit babies, pack them up for later.
  • Baby Booty: Baby booty is the first thing to creep up on most women.  Pants, jeans and shorts are the trickiest items to wear when you are pregnant. These are the first items you will need to replace and are typically the last item that most people go back to in their old size (right away).  Choose these items wisely.  Any non stretch bottom that is already giving you grief has to be put away in that bin immediately.  Keep all yoga pants, leggings and joggers that you don’t mind sacrificing to the “golden stretch rule” (see above).   Items that matter should be put away.
  • Bring the Bling: Except for belts, all other accessories are the items that have no “shape” restraints.  Now is the time to go through all of the bling you have, including those you probably forgot about.

The key to success in looking great and wearing suitable maternity wear during your pregnancy is merely organization.  Take the time to properly go through your closet and remove the items you don’t need in order to assure that you can easily find and coordinate your new wardrobe.  Don’t forget to pull out all of your bling from the hidden crevices of your drawers!

Until step two, HAPPY ORGANIZING!!!